Effective Dashboard Design

Effective dashboard design is a mixture of artwork and science. It is a powerful way of communicating. A dynamic or Responsive Web Design is designed to serve various content to different users based on a variety of factors, such as user preferences, selection, and time zone. Gratuitous to mention, this could be an awfully powerful feature.

We at Blackboard Services provide the service of 4 types of dashboards. They are as follows:

  • 1. Strategic - Focuses on long term strategies and high-level matrices.
    • a. Management strategic dashboard: a management dashboard is a decision-making tool that allows managers to view high-level performance reports which can be drilled down into detail. It helps perceive performance bottlenecks, develop corrective actions and forecast future performance.
    • b. CMO strategic dashboard: a CMO dashboard gives you a screen packed with important key performance indicators or metrics across multiple marketing channels so you can access performance in one glance. Typically, you'd go from pillar to post to seek out however every one of your promoting functions is doing.
    • c. CFO dashboard for strategic planning: CFO dashboards exist to enhance the strategic as well as the analytical efforts related to every financial aspect of your business.
  • 2. Operational - Presents more abbreviated time margins and operational methods.
    • a. Marketing operational dashboard: The associate operational dashboard is meant to produce, at a look, a comprehensive photo of the performance of the day. It is just like the dashboard on automotive, operational dashboards supply the viewer data related to the immediate performance of the organization.
    • b. LinkedIn operations dashboard example: provides data about its visibility on the platform over time. These insights include: which agencies viewed your profile, Post/article views, Search appearances, to seek out your dashboard—which is obtainable on each desktop and mobile
    • c. Customer service operational metrics dashboard: Customer service dashboards square measure utilized by service groups to watch, manage, and analyze numerous metrics and KPIs associated with client services like performance and client satisfaction. Dashboards might show written info, tables, graphs, and trends.
  • 3. Analytical - Contains huge amounts of knowledge created by analysts.
    • a. Financial performance dashboard: A dashboard that permits businesses and their finance groups to trace, analyze, and perceive the monetary standing and performance of their organization.
    • b. Procurement cost dashboard: A procurement dashboard allows getting managers to expeditiously track, evaluate, and optimize all acquisition processes inside an organization with the assistance of acquisition KPIs like the compliance rate, commercial instrument cycle time, provider defect rate, and plenty of a lot of.
    • c. Analytical retail KPI dashboard: The Analytical KPI Dashboard An analytical dashboard contains a colossal quantity of information created and utilized by analysts to produce support to executives. Analytics dashboards offer a comprehensive summary of business knowledge and middle management could be a crucial part of the user cluster.
  • 4. Tactical - Used by mid-management to track performance.
    • a. IT project management dashboard: It provides supervisors with an instant visual design of the chosen KPI. The Project Management Dashboard takes you to the highest of your knowledge so that managers will see due dates, metrics, and deadlines.
    • b. Social media dashboard: A social media dashboard is a social media management tool that individuals or companies can use to coordinate a social media presence across multiple channels or accounts, through a single interface. Some dashboard tools are designed to manage multiple accounts on an equivalent platform.
    • c. Supply chain management tactical dashboard: it is important to focus on the analytical and monitoring part of the process that gives a backbone for effective, data-driven decisions. It concentrates on the supply chain of a logistics company.

How will we make your dashboards the best?

  • Limit content to suit entirely on one screen.
  • We will understand your information hierarchy.
  • Enable customisation.
  • Strategic colours.
  • Interactive elements.
  • Doubling up margins.
  • Navigation.
  • 3-D Elements.
  • White space.
  • Be cognizant of the audience's natural textual reading tendency. Starting with the highest level of detail in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Simple and elegant dashboard with only 3 to 5 key values, charts, or tables.
  • Adequate context and related items near each other.
  • Showing degrees of change for quick comparisons.
  • Avoiding data visualization variety for the sake of variety.
  • If detail tables are needed, we will place them on the bottom of the dashboard.

We are the best effective design services in India, will make your dashboard, website, and Mobile Apps the best out there.

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