Free Bulk SMS Sending Portal Designing and Development

Short Message Service (SMS) could be a text electronic messaging service part of the phone, Web, or mobile communication systems. SMS was the foremost wide used information application, with a calculable 3.5 billion active users, at the top of 2010.

Bulk SMS electronic messaging could be a brief description for application-to-person SMS messaging services. It refers specifically to the causation of an outsized range of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a planned cluster of recipients.

Nowadays SMS services are used to promote and market goods or sites. It is very effective when done in bulk. SMS supplier Connect, interact and have interaction together with the users. Faucet into the ability of Bulk SMS for optimum reach and real client engagement with our help. We will help you design your own SMS Sending Portal that will help you to send messages in bulk and grow your business.

We are gonna offer you the below written features in your Bulk SMS Sending Portal:

  • 1. Display Date/Time/Toll-Free Numbers of web site Portal
  • 2. User Registration type with easy steps (paid/free).
  • 3. Log in through Social Networks.
  • 4. Social Networking Sites Follow Links
  • 5. Website brand redirecting to Home Page possibility
  • 6. Home Page Icon Link
  • 7. Access to Main classes
  • 8. Bulk SMS Services
  • 9. Resellers possibility
  • 10. Trial Account
  • 11. Packages and valuation
  • 12. Coverage
  • 13. SMS causation software package
  • 14. Payment
  • 15. Short Codes
  • 16. About Us
  • 17. Support
  • 18. FAQs and plenty of additional
  • 19. Track real time status of sent messages
  • 20. Use our inbound feature to easily gather opt-ins. Include a readily available opt-out path to let users unsubscribe.
  • 21. URL shortener
  • 22. Bulk SMS Integration API
  • 23. SMS facility with customisable speed and sender ID.

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