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Due to the current ongoing situation and every industry shifting their businesses to online platforms, E-commerce is also growing rapidly. Online retailing is becoming more popular. E-commerce attracts applied sciences such as cellular commerce, digital money transfer, grant chain management,Internet marketing, online transaction processing, digital statistics interchange, stock administration systems, and automatic information series systems. E-commerce is in flip pushed through the technological advances of the semiconductor industry and is the biggest area of the electronics industry.

We work as an Ecommerce And Retail Industry IT Solutions Provider in Indore.

There has been a rise in e-commerce by a 68.9% increase in the current scenario. There has been a raise in spending on e-commerce from $600 billion last year to $789 billion.

Consumers all over the world are preferring online shopping and big companies are using this method to reach out to the world. So why should you remain behind? We at Blackboard Services are going to help you build your personalised applications or websites related to the E-Commerce sector. Contact us and let's make your business a digital success.

Business to Consumer Websites:

  • 1. Individual brand website: If you want your business to have a brand name this category website is perfect for you. A vendor-specific website could be a dedicated website that solely sells the products or services of 1 individual or one business.
  • 2. Online retailers: Online retailers bring together products from separate vendors under one online roof. The online retailers have management over those vendors it brings along during this means. Often, the web merchandiser also will take possession of the merchandise photos and descriptions to stay everything wanting nice and force along.
  • 3. Marketplaces: Get a website developed that will not only sell your products but will also be a roof to various retailers out there. On these, you can sell various products of different varieties. These types of websites are gaining a lot of fame recently and are helpful.

Business-to-Business Websites: Get yourself a Business-to-business website that will help your company to trade with a different company. It can define commerce doing business with other companies. It directly sells products to other businesses rather than selling products to consumers.

Consumer-to-Consumer: Consumer-to-consumer transactions are processed between consumers. It is a convenient way for the consumers to come together and trade the goods with each other. They're referred to as the peer-to-peer business model.

Consumer-to-Business: Develop your own personalised Consumer-to-Business website with our help. Consumer-to-business is yet one more group action between client and business organizations. Here, the transaction takes place within a site in which consumers purchase a product or services, and businesses bid on and purchase.

Business-to-Administration: Business-to-Administration is also known as e-government. It is a transaction processed between business companies and the public administration sector. The transaction is entirely controlled by the government and only provides a medium for the business companies to submit application forms to the government.

Consumer-to-Administration: Consumer-to-Administration is another type of e-commerce that makes the transaction between individual consumers and administrations. Here government bodies can get products or services, and individual customers use electronic means like education, Social Security, taxes, health.

Dropshipping: With drop shipping, the business or individual 'sells' products on their website which they don't make or own. They are packaged and distributed by a third party company, and the owner(s) of the dropshipping site never come into contact with a single product – they just take a small cut from the person or business who is making and distributing it.

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