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Customer relationship management is the process by which a company or other organization manages its contacts with customers, typically by analyzing massive amounts of data using data analysis. Blackboard offers a higher level of CRM solutions, which encourages customer loyalty to your products and services, resulting in increased revenue. All our CRM Services are carried out in accordance with the client's preferences.

With the advancement in technology and everything going online, it becomes a necessity to change with time and get yourself online.With the rampage going outside we can't stop the time fleeing. Wherefore the education industry has taken a step forward and has shifted online. Companies worldwide are taking the education sector online.

We at Blackboard Services provide companies with customized products. We go through a cycle of understanding the requirements, developing and delivering the right product. We also provide the educational sector with our ready-to-use products from Drill and Practice Software, Reference Software, Stimulations, Promotional Websites, etc.

Online Education is growing at a prompt rate. The sector is expected to reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users. In India, the online education market will soon reach ~US$ 11.6 billion by 2026.

Our Services provide you with Software, and the Website creates a hassle-free and smooth working environment and provides better services to your customer.

So what are you thinking of? Contact us and let's make your educational firm a digital success.

Assessment Software: All schools and universities or other educational firms are focussing on reducing paperwork. Assessment software is uncomplicated, as it is designed to give tests or assignments to students, check results and compile the total scores. Assessment software is also popular among teachers, as it is a low effort method to track student grades over a school year. Get your educational firm the perfect assessment software built by us.

Classroom-Aids: Develop your classroom-aid software customised by us. The technology of classroom-aids has rapidly grown at a swift rate. It consists of effective audio and visual technology and courseware to create a much more pleasant sum. It has been developed into advanced digital displays and interactive projectors and whiteboards.

Courseware: A blended word of coursework and software. It is one of the most common educational software. Courseware is a compilation of tutorials and can act as a teacher to students. It has developed a lot over decades and can teach entire subjects precisely. Get your courseware software as it is the fortitude of any educators software suite.

Drill and Practice: We will develop software for you that will lessen the work for teachers and help the students through mock tests. This software is advantageous when teachers are seeking to prepare students for exams.

Educational Games: As the students love to play games wherefore, educational software companies have combined education and games. It is very beneficial for young children and motivates them to learn.

Simulation Software: Get yourself your personalised simulation software that will not only help the students but as well as teachers. For example, students can use it to gain the experience of sailing a ship.

On-Demand Learning App: Get built online video streaming, 3D book reading and video learning on-demand apps with robust admin and analytics panel.

Education ERP Software: Developed an ERP suite for management of learning, library, hostel, fees, student info, course, inventory & purchase and HR management.

Tutorial Software: Through tutorial software, teachers can teach students new lessons and provide them with a platform through which they may learn the lesson at their own pace. It gives students new information, tests them with different mocks and evaluates them.

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